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Makeup Puff Cleaner

Makeup Puff Cleaner

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Gently removes dirt on makeup puffs.
Effectively remove makeup residues and impurities from your makeup puff or applicator with this gentle cleaner. Comprising mild ingredients, it ensures thorough cleansing, eliminating sebum and germs that can lead to skin issues. Its potent botanical cleansing agents provide an intense yet gentle cleansing experience, effectively removing makeup residues while safeguarding your skin. Infused with Eucalyptus Oil renowned for its antibacterial properties, this cleaner ensures a clean puff after each use, promoting hygiene and prolonging the life of your makeup tools. Keep your puffs pristine and free from impurities for a flawless makeup application every time.

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Intense cleansing power with botanical cleansing agent helps remove makeup residue while gently protects your hand. The Eucalyptus Oil, with its antibacterial benefit, keeps the puff clean.



1) Pour the cleaner onto the puff to cover the dirty area WITHOUT wetting your hand or the puff.
2) Squeeze the puff until the cleaner dissolves into it.
3) Wash off the puff in running water.
4) Dry well before using the puff.

*4mL is about three quarters amount.  
*Add extra amount if needed.


4mL for puff

*Best recommended to use detergent for finish powder puff.

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