FANCL Best Sellers

FANCL's products have earned customer loyalty for years and continue to inspire confidence today. These producst are free from any hidden preservatives, artificial fragrances, non-standard colors, petroleum-based surfactants, or UV-absorbing agents.

Moist Refine Series

What is FANCL?

FANCL is a Japanese skincare brand that carries on more than 40-years history of development of fresh, powerful, preservative-free skincare of the highest quality.

As both a pioneer and continuous innovator in preservative-free skin care and cosmetics, FANCL is committed for eliminating negative factors and making skin stronger, healthier, and ultimately more beautiful. Our entire business is built on this philosophy as well as the firm belief that our products should give the skin only what it needs.


No-Rub Makeup remover with a rich texture.

Mild Cleansing Oil

Removes makeup and cleansed clogged pores, while preserving the skin barrier function, leaving skin smooth and moisturized.


Powder-To-Foam Cleanser.

Facial Cleansing Powder

Gently lifts off dirt and impurities, and even diminishes clogged pores.


A rich lotion for a youthful appearance.

Enrich+ Lotion II

Solutions for:

- Dryness 
- Fine Lines and Wrinkles
- Loss of Firmness and Elasticity


A rich, firming milky moisturizer.

Enrich+ Emulsion II

As basic skincare, FANCL believes in two-step moisturizing by a lotion and emulsion, adding special care items according to skin concerns. The lotion moisturizes skin and emulsion seals in moisture.


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