To earn your trust in the safety of FANCL products, we leverage our cutting-edge technology to elevate quality and ensure a consistent supply. Our stringent selection of raw materials adheres to exceptionally high standards — standards that you might find challenging to navigate independently.

Our commitment involves meticulous screening to eliminate any ingredients that could potentially lead to skin issues. We exclusively opt for raw materials that undergo rigorous testing, confirming both safety and functionality.

Production Process


Raw materials that have cleared inspection are accurately weighed and mixed in vacuum-emulsifiers while heated.


After mixing, the product is transported to a clean room filling station by a liquid conveyor system or tank, and filled in our unique, hermetically sealed containers.


All our factories have clean rooms. Filling of 100% preservative-free cosmetics products occurs in Class 100 clean booths, the same high classification of cleanliness as pharmaceutical manufacturing. A cleanroom is a space with fresh, temperature and humidity-controlled air with significantly reduced levels of airborne dust and dirt.
Class 100 denotes a space with 100 or fewer dust or debris particles of 0.5 μm (1/50,000th of 1 mm) or larger per 1 cubic foot (30.48 cm) of air.
Generally, the cleanliness required for the operating room is said to be around class 1000.